On the evening of the event, Tudor watch also brought unique surprises to the media friends on site, and launched the new Style series watch of Tudor watch. In the afternoon of the Roman holiday, a wish, a dream, a light arm, and a chance encounter, all the beautiful moments of love converge into Tudor's new Style series. Tudor's new Style series draws inspiration from the source of the brand's style and interprets classic watches in a modern style, blending Italian refinement and sweet love. The design of the watch is retro and fashionable, with stainless steel or gold steel styles, suitable for any occasion. The details of the watch are meticulously decorated to ensure that it is comfortable to wear and shows elegance.

The two artists also attended the dinner at the same time. Guests can see the new concept of the Audemars Piguet exhibition area. Among them, the Austrian video artist Kurt Hentschl├Ąger's work 'MEASURE' is presented across three screens. During the dinner, the guests also enjoyed the light projection on the vaulted ceiling of the venue. The projection was inspired by Hentschl├Ąger’s video, while another eye-catching large-scale paper sculpture made by a printmaker Soilworm Lai came from French designer Mathieu Lehanneur's interpretation of the new Audemars Piguet concept.

Graf solemnly launches the butterfly watch, which is set with top-quality gemstones and combines charming design and brilliant creativity. Inspired by Graff's classic butterfly jewelry collection, this dignified and elegant new ladies' watch embodies ingenious design and meticulous construction, creating a sense of fluency and engraving, matching the superb craftsmanship of Swiss watchmaking, and Graf's gem-setting technology With unparalleled jewelry design.

The HyperChrome Haoxing series UTC dual time watch is a bold attempt of the RADO Swiss radar in terms of complications. In addition to the large three-hand calendar display on the dial, it is also equipped with a striking red second time zone hand. The design of this watch is low-key and simple, showing elegance and calmness. The plasma high-tech ceramic case shows a metallic luster and is matched with a dark brown leather strap, making this watch a perfect fusion of modern and retro. The whole watch is sturdy without losing its temperament, while simplicity is not lacking in calmness. Just as his father is serious but not lacking in tenderness, the ordinary is full of humor.

The movement of the Ferdinand Bersaud pocket watch (from the Chopard L.U.CEUM museum) can clearly see 5 gems.

Summary: The simple dial design brings out the unique charm of the 'big flame' enamel dial, white as jade and not dusty. The watch continues the traditional design of the Breguet classic series, using the dial of the Breguet digital hour markers, the Breguet blue steel pointer with the hollow 'moon-shaped' needle tip, the welded lugs, and the outer edge of the case is decorated with original site coin patterns. Every detail is It exudes a gentleman's taste.

At that time, ladies will have the opportunity to participate in private jewelry inlay workshops, under the leadership of watchmakers in watch factories, to learn the art of jewelry inlays and the famous 'snowflake inlay' process used by Jaeger-LeCoultre's many high-end jewelry watches. Customers can also experience the famous master watchmaking courses with experienced Ru Valley watchmakers. In the master watchmaking course, guests will have the opportunity to learn how to disassemble the 986 movement of the brand's iconic watch, the Grande Reverso Duo large double-sided double time zone flip watch. Jaeger-LeCoultre

The Van Cleef \u0026 Arpels Charms watch brings together four new auspicious symbols-lily in the valley, lotus, dandelion, and swallow. Opening a new chapter, each piece is decorated with diamonds and colored stones with three rows on the bezel.

At present, the long power watches on the market mainly rely on 2 methods to improve the kinetic energy reserve of the watch. The first is to use new technologies and new materials, and the second is to increase the length and number of springs. Replacing a better mainspring material is not possible in a short period of time, so most of the current watches are used to increase the length or number of mainsprings. The consequence is that the size of some ultra-long power watches are significantly increased.

Known as 'Car Design Fashion Week', the International Automobile Festival is a unique exhibition of concept cars, presenting truly creative masterpieces. From January 31 to February 3, 2019, the public will be able to visit the transparent building covering an area of ​​3,000 square meters under the Vauban Square under the dome church of the Invalides, and explore to discover the most beautiful concept car of the year. Under the auspices of architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, manufacturers and designers came to exhibit their works. Visitors can also discover the world of GP Girard-Perregaux watches. The brand is  very pleased to display the outstanding historical timepieces and museum collections, commemorating the long history dating back to 1791. (Photo / text buywatches Xu Chaoyang)

The whole series of Portugal adopts the 50,000 movement of the IWC. The biggest feature of the 50,000 movement of the IWC is the eye-catching dial scale and the power reserve of up to 7 days. This series of movements is equipped with unprecedented excellent devices of automatic movements, including the very famous Peleton winding system, Breguet balance wheel, etc., to ensure its accuracy.

As the brand's first self-made movement, the BM12-1975A self-produced movement has a recognizable appearance, which can be distinguished from other traditional movements at a glance under the fancy polish. This movement also has many highlights in performance. The use of silicon hairsprings effectively improves the anti-magnetic performance of the watch and makes the time more accurate. And 120 hours (5 days) of ultra-long power reserve, to ensure long-term companionship of the watch. In addition, it also has a 5-year warranty, which is also very sincere.

Finally, let me talk about the maintenance of the quartz movement. Take the Patek Philippe quartz watch, the cost of replacing the circuit board and the money ring is 2,000 yuan, and the replacement cost of other parts is all 4,600 yuan in the maintenance cost. I think the price of other brands should not exceed it, so the maintenance price of the quartz watch is very fair. If the maintenance is in place, the life of the quartz watch will be very long. Of course, the quartz watch does have a rather headache problem, that is, the battery, if the watch is not worn for a long time, the battery may cause leakage. The electrolyte leaked from the battery is highly corrosive and is very likely to cause irreparable damage to the movement. So for watches that are not worn for a long time, the battery should be taken out. I hope that after reading the above text, you can help everyone.